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8 Tips for being a good golf parent

Golf is a healthy sport for children, Get them started early!

10 sentences all parents should use with their young golfers

10 Reasons Why Youth Should Play Golf

Why kids quit sports 

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10 reasons you should get your kid into golf

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101 Tips on how to be a better coach

Dr. Bob Rotella on how to get your kid into golf

Critical coach or bully

Confidence is earned not given

Every "BODY" can be confident

Well fitting clubs for kids are vital.

Parents please click here to watch video on how to be a better parent of a young athlete

Why talented kids quit playing a sport

The perfect kids coach

A interesting report on the effects of Praising our kids

Praising our kids is not always the best approach

Is it wise to specialize in one sport so early?

7 Crippling Parental Behaviors that Keep our Kids From Being Good Leaders

Pushing through a learning plateau

Empowering parent child conversations

Advice for parents of young golfers

Six words your kids love to hear

Link to "4 Things Sports Parents Do That Make Kids Hate Sports"

Link to the Titleist Performance Institute's "TPI's Junior Golf Parent Workshop".

Link to "How to be a good golf parent" 


Home  Calendar of Events  Instruction   Practice Facilities   Simulator  Mini Golf  Divots  FootGolf  Golf Course

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