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Perfect Practice



 Outdoor Driving Range: 

The Outdoor Driving Range features 24 high quality Fiberbuilt mat tees that are lighted and covered and two sets of Bermuda grass tees that are lighted.

The Outdoor Range has several built-up target greens and small targets as well as several short game targets throughout the range.

We offer 3 range basket sizes:
Small (50 balls)- $6.50
Large (80 balls)- $9.00
Jumbo (125 balls) - $13.00

Tuesdays All Day is BOGO on Large and Jumbo Buckets!


 "World of Golf has the best driving range in Northern Kentucky.

 The turf mats are covered so you can hit balls when it is misting out." - MJ21 on TripAdvisor

"We used the driving range. It was very well kept. T

he prices were very good and the staff was very friendly." - Steve S. on Yelp



 Indoor Practice Facilities:

The new Indoor Driving Range is 80 feet wide,

 the net is 15 feet high and it is 25 feet from the center of your mat to the net!

The indoor driving range has 8 hitting stalls. Four of the indoor range hitting stalls are equipped with the V1 Digital Coaching System, which allows you to record your swing and analyze or compare it with one of many PGA or LPGA Tour Players.   

The Indoor Putting and Chipping Green is a great asset to the indoor practice area as well. Your short game is just as important as your long game, so keep practicing even during the cold winter months. One putt counts as just as many strokes on your scorecard as a 300 yard drive.    

Indoor Range Fees are only $15.00 for an Unlimited amount of balls!


Perfect Practice now at World of Golf!

Use both our Trackman and Sam Putt Lab for just $30 per hour!

                            Image result for trackman    Trackman uses dual-radar technology to capture 27 data points about both club and ball. These range from the most simple stats like carry yardage and clubhead speed all the way to smash factor and dynamic loft.

Trackman has a built in HD camera that can record the player's swing which can then be played back on phones, tablets, or computers via bluetooth connectivity with statistics overlayed on the video.

Image result for click here to download in app store


                           SAM PuttLab uses ultrasound measurements to capture and analyze the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy-to-understand graphic reports.

Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better and more efficient training. 

The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies. 




“The opening of the new World of Golf has been the best thing that has happened to NKY high school golf in quite some time. The facility allowed my players the opportunity to practice all aspects of their games rain or shine. The outdoor grass tees, the golf course, using the Simulator, and the indoor driving range equipped with the V1 program were all used and benefited my players tremendously. The equipment and staff at WOG are top-notch and are better that any other options available. Using the WOG facility throughout the season truly helped my team excel. I would highly recommend using the World of Golf as it is truly a perfect place for a high school team to practice, play and learn!”

Robb Schneeman


Business Department Chair

Golf Coach

Covington Catholic High School


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Trackman Perfect Practice


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